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Reliable auto repair in Thornton, co

Prevent Costly Auto Repairs

You’ve probably seen auto parts delivery trucks in Thornton making their rounds. Every part has a story behind it. Unfortunately, some of the stories are tales of repairs that could have been prevented. One-stop may be to deliver an engine air filter and a mass airflow sensor for a customer’s pick-up. His service advisor has…
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Differential repair and servicing in Thornton, CO

Transfer Case Service

You may not know much about transfer cases, but if you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle, you’ve got one.  It makes sure you have power available for both the front and rear axles.  For example, if you have a rear-wheel drive SUV, power goes to the rear wheels until you need 4-wheel drive.  That’s when…
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Engine repairs by Mountain View Automotive

The 20.9 Percent Factor (Oxygen Sensor)

Do you know what gas makes up 20.9% of the air we breathe? It’s oxygen. Oxygen is an important part of the combustion process that enables your engine to make power. The amount of oxygen in the exhaust provides clues as to how well your engine is running. Your vehicle has oxygen sensors that provide…
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5 Warning Signs You Need Immediate Auto Repair

Does that “CHECK ENGINE” light on your car’s dash warrant immediate attention? How about those weird sounds, like the screeching you hear when you put the brakes on? Does that constant vibration or swaying motion mean your ride needs repairs? All these are questions you have as a relative newcomer to the world of car…
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Signs Your Car Radiator Needs Replacing

If you suspect your car radiator needs replacing, it’s important to visit Mountain View Automotive in Thornton to see what’s going on with this key component of your vehicle’s engine. We can provide a full diagnosis, as well as any repairs or part replacements you might need to keep your vehicle safely on the road.…
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What Happens if You Ignore the Check Engine Light?

The dash indicator goes on and you wonder what happens if you ignore the check engine light. At Mountain View Automotive in Northglenn, we know it’s very important to bring your vehicle in. A check engine light means your car has a problem that could affect your car’s emissions systems – and if you don’t…
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When to Come in for an Oil Change

We have a lot of customers ask us when to come in for an oil change. Our certified technicians at Mountain View Automotive in Northglenn are always happy to answer that question! Of course, it depends on a few factors. One thing that is clear is that if you don’t change your oil regularly it…
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Winter Driving Tips

It’s that time of year for winter driving tips from Mountain View Automotive in Northglenn. This will ensure your car or truck is ready for the cold and snowy months ahead. Whether you’re planning a trip into the mountains or simply want to get around the Denver area safely, you can always bring your vehicle…
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Common Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

If you bring your car, truck or SUV to Mountain View Automotive in Thornton, our experienced technicians can look at common reasons why your car won’t start and get you back behind the wheel. We know that your car not starting when you need it the most can be frustrating. We’ll look at the typical…
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Tips for Selling Your Car at Top Dollar

Today, our technicians at Mountain View Automotive in Thornton provide our favorite tips for selling your car at top dollar. These guidelines will help you maximize your trade-in value or stand out from other sellers when going with a private party transaction. Of course, if your vehicle needs any of the work listed below, just…
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