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Winter Emergency kit for your car

Emergency Shopping (Vehicle Emergency Items)

“Emergency Shopping” is not to be confused with a “Shopping Emergency.”  This one is encouraging you to go shopping for a few items that could help you out if you ever have an emergency in your vehicle.  They’re all things carried in emergency vehicles. This goes beyond the old standards like a first aid kit,…
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Regular car maintenance to keep your car safe

5 Tips for Buying Used in Thornton

Here are 5 tips from MOUNTAIN VIEW AUTOMOTIVE for used car buyers: Ask for service records. Most owners who document regular maintenance service take care of their vehicle. Inspect the vehicle thoroughly. Check for uneven tire wear, alignment, suspension issues, strange sounds and funky odors. If everything checks out up to this point, take it…
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Brake repair by Mountain View Automotive

Suspension Wear

Your suspension system keeps your car up off the road. From there, it’s responsible for a smooth and comfortable ride around Thornton, Colorado. It also keeps your wheels firmly planted over bumps and through curves. Your suspension system has many critical parts that do a big job. They should be inspected for damage and excessive…
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Replace car air filter

Simple Answers from Mountain View Automotive: Engine Air Filter

Question: What’s the harm in putting off replacing my engine air filter a little longer? Answer: That’s a fair question because the harm takes a while to manifest.  Let’s take a small step back and talk about what an engine air filter does. The air all around us contains dust, dirt, pollen, spores, etc.  Some…
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Cooling system repair near Thornton, CO

Cooling System

We’re often asked questions about the cooling system – the system that cools your engine and keeps it at the proper operating temperature.  Let’s examine the topic in two areas: first the coolant itself and, second, the parts that make up the cooling system. The coolant is the mix of water and antifreeze that circulates…
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Mountain View Automotive ship exterior

Time To Take Another Look at Diesel Vehicles

Let’s debunk some of the myths about diesel powered vehicles. Diesel Burns Dirty This was true years ago. Since 2006, however, U.S. diesel vehicles have been required by law to use ultra-low-sulfur diesel or USLD. Modern diesels are soot-free and have a smaller carbon footprint. Diesels Are Sluggish Not any more. They are as fast…
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Check engine light diagnostics in Thornton, CO

Check Engine Light

When your Check Engine light comes on, you may be torn between utter panic and just wanting to ignore it and hope it goes away. That’s perfectly understandable. That same Check Engine light could come on for anything from a serious engine or transmission problem all the way down to a loose gas cap. There’s…
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Complete auto repair services in Thornton, colorado

Timing Belt

Let’s address a very important maintenance item for everyone in Thornton Colorado – timing belt replacement. It’s important because letting this one slide can lead to very expensive engine damage. Your timing belt choreographs the timing of your combustion process. Your pistons travel up and down in the cylinder. Intake valves open at the right…
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Air tire pressure warning repair by Mountain View Automotive

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

It means that one or more of your tires has low air pressure. The dashboard warning light, which looks like a cross-section of a tire with some lines in it, comes on when the tire pressure is 20% below what the manufacturer recommends. So if your recommendation is for 35 psi (pounds per square inch),…
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oil change

What is synthetic oil and should I use it?

Regular oil, also called conventional oil, comes from dead dinosaurs. Conventional oil molecules are long hydrocarbon chains of various lengths. Imagine a bunch of pencils – some used and some brand new. Synthetic oil is often more highly refined petroleum-based oil. The molecules are shorter and closer to the same length. Think a bunch of…
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Mountain View Automotive ship exterior

Minimizing Blind Spots In Thornton For Safer Driving

When we Thornton travel around Colorado, each of us must deal with blind spots. We can greatly reduce our blind spots by properly adjusting our vehicle mirrors to give the widest coverage possible. We should make the adjustments before we pull out of our Thornton driveway. First, adjust your rear view mirror to give the…
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car repair near me

Basic Guide To Synthetic Oil

Synthetic motor oil has been around for a long time, and more and more new vehicles are leaving factories with synthetic in their engines. But a lot of drivers don’t really know much about it. Let’s start with conventional oil – the kind folks are used to. Conventional oil is made up of naturally occurring…
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