Month: October 2021

brake repair in Thornton CO

Brake Rotor Problems

Disc brakes are called disc brakes because of the big metal disc – or rotor – that spins with the wheel.  The brake pads rub against the rotor to slow the vehicle.  In technical terms, the motion energy of the moving vehicle is transferred into heat energy by the brakes.  The job of the rotor…
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transmission replacement from Mountain View Automotive

Why You Need to Change Your Transmission Fluid

It’s easy to forget about servicing your transmission because it doesn’t need it very often, but proper transmission service keeps your vehicle running smoothly and helps you avoid costly repairs down the road. The transmission undergoes a lot of stress.  The grit you see in a used fluid collection is actually bits of clutch material.…
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New brake pads installed by Mountain View Automotive


Howdy, Thornton drivers. Let’s talk about your brakes. Basically, the power brake system helps you provide braking power so that you don’t have to do all the work with your brake pedal. The brakes themselves are applied at the wheel using hydraulic pressure. When we step on the brake pedal, we create pressure in the…
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Engine repairs by Mountain View Automotive

The 20.9 Percent Factor (Oxygen Sensor)

Do you know what gas makes up 20.9% of the air we breathe? It’s oxygen. Oxygen is an important part of the combustion process that enables your engine to make power. The amount of oxygen in the exhaust provides clues as to how well your engine is running. Your vehicle has oxygen sensors that provide…
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