Month: March 2021

Timing belt repair in thornton colorado

Timing Belt

Let’s address a very important maintenance item – timing belt replacement.  It’s important because letting this one slide can lead to very expensive engine damage. Your timing belt choreographs the timing of your combustion process.  Your pistons travel up and down in the cylinder.  Intake valves open at the right time to let in air…
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Simple Answers from Mountain View Automotive in Thornton: Winter Tires

Simple Answers Service Intervals Question: What is the benefit of winter tires? Mountain View Automotive Answer: This is a really good question. Most new vehicles in Thornton come with all-season tires that work pretty well in the Denver winter conditions drivers many encounter. First, let’s talk about the things that dedicated winter tires do really…
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To Turbo or Not To Turbo? (Turbocharged Engine Maintenance)

Nobody loves wasting money.  Gasoline costs money, so using less saves money.  One of the ways vehicle manufacturers are helping you save gasoline (and money) is with smaller, turbocharged engines. You might have heard of turbos associated with race cars, but more and more everyday street vehicles are getting into the turbo game.  The big…
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The Mountain View Automotive Team

Fuel System

I’d like to give you a quick overview of the fuel system.  It starts with the fuel tank.  The fuel pump is located inside the tank and pumps fuel out to the engine.  Somewhere along the way is a fuel filter whose job is to filter out dirt before it hits the engine.  Then there’s…
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