Month: December 2020

Audi auto repair in Thornton CO

Simple Answers from Mountain View Automotive for Thornton: Selecting Tires

Question: I need new tires. How do I know which tires to get? Mountain View Automotive Answer: Let’s look at selecting new tires in light of three factors: Function, Fit, and Value. Function: This gets at what your needs are for new tires: weather conditions, terrain, temperatures, etc. New family vehicles sold in Colorado come…
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Oil change services in Thornton colorado

Mountain View Automotive Advice on Synthetic Oil

Heard of synthetic motor oil but would like to learn more information?  Well, synthetic oil is a substitute for conventional oil. Synthetic doesn’t gel or gum-up like conventional oil and it doesn’t vaporize as easily.  It protects better in severe driving conditions like stop and go driving as well as in very hot or very…
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safe driving at night

Not So Dim Idea (Automatic High Beam Dimmers)

The moment someone invented headlights that had a high-beam and a low-beam, they also invented a problem.  That problem was what happens when you meet someone on the road going the other way who forgets to switch off their high-beams? We’ve all had it happen, of course.  All you can do is look to the…
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Emissions repair shop near thornton colorado

Tires By the Numbers (What Tire Numbers Mean)

You may have noticed your tires have a pretty long number on them.  Yours might start with a letter, then a 3-digit number, followed by a few more numbers and letters.  That string of letters and numbers is very important for your vehicle because it contains useful information on what tires will give you the…
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Check engine light diagnostics in Thornton, CO

Fuel Saving Tip from Mountain View Automotive: Gas Cap

This fuel saving tip for Thornton residents is so simple you won’t believe it. It has to do with your gas cap. The first thing is to make sure it’s screwed on tight. If it’s loose, gas vapor will be constantly leaking out – reduced fuel economy. This could cause the check engine light to…
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