Month: August 2020

How high altitudes effect your car

Simple Answers from Mountain View Automotive for Thornton: Wheel Bearings

Question I remember my dad having the shop “pack the bearings” on the family car.  Is this something I need to have done? Answer That’s a good question.  At one time, all wheel bearings were “serviceable” and needed to be taken care of from time to time.  It’s a little trickier these days. First off,…
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ASE certified mechanics at Mountain View Automotive

Certified Technicians

Today’s vehicles are rolling computer networks with multiple processors, sensors, and miles of wiring. The mechanical elements from the suspension to the engine valve train are extremely sophisticated.  Diagnosis and repair are more exacting than ever before.  Even a simple tire rotation may involve resetting the tire pressure monitoring system. Our technicians train hard to…
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Check engine light diagnostics in Thornton, CO

Check Engine Light

When your check engine light comes on, you may be torn between utter panic and just wanting to ignore it and hope it goes away.  That’s perfectly understandable.  That same check engine light could come on for anything from a serious engine or transmission problem all the way down to a loose gas cap. There’s…
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Mountain View Automotive ship exterior

The Pros of Pros (Let Us Do It For You)

Modern vehicles usually have four wheels, a steering wheel, and an engine, just as they have for decades.  But an awful lot has changed since the days of carburetors and drum brakes.  The addition of computers to so many automotive systems has been a game changer, enabling safer braking systems, stability control, and better fuel…
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