Month: July 2020

ASE certified mechanics at Mountain View Automotive

Ball Joints

Most drivers in Thornton, Colorado know ball joints are an important part of the suspension system. Visualize a ball attached to a spindle with the ball enclosed in a cup. This allows the joint to move in several directions, kind of like how your hip works. Most vehicles have two or four ball joints on…
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Automotive experts in Thornton colorado

Service Intervals

Simple Answers Service Intervals Question: I’m really confused about auto service intervals for various items on my car. Help! Mountain View Automotive Answer: The simple answer for Thornton residents is to follow the vehicle’s recommended service intervals listed in your owner’s manual or in your service center’s database. But the team at Mountain View Automotive…
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Regular car maintenance to keep your car safe

Drum Brakes

Brakes that work properly are essential to your safety as you drive and stop on our Thornton streets. You want to carefully maintain your brakes. In vehicles equipped with drum brakes, the brake components are housed inside a drum that rotates with the wheel. When you step on the brake pedal, brake shoes push out…
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Check engine light diagnostics in Thornton, CO

Your Nose Knows Gasoline

Each time we fuel up our vehicles, we get a little whiff of gasoline, so the smell is very familiar. There shouldn’t be any gasoline smell in or around your vehicle when you are away from the gas station. When you do smell gasoline away from the gas pump, the cause ranges from something simple…
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The Problems with a Cream Puff (Dormant Vehicles)

You may own a vehicle that you only drive occasionally.  Maybe it is a summer day cruiser, an off-roader, or vacation hauler.  Here are some things you need to know about a vehicle that doesn’t get driven all that much. You know it has oil in it, and the problem with not driving a vehicle…
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