Month: May 2020

Fleet service available at Mountain View Automotive

Why Do They Call it a Dashboard? (Instrumental Panel Warning Lights)

Ever wonder where they came up with the term “dashboard” for that part of your vehicle that sits behind the steering wheel? That name began back before cars were even invented.  People used to travel by horse and buggy, and streets weren’t as well built as they are today.  On a muddy road (which was…
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Factory scheduled service at Mountain View Automotive

Mountain View Automotive Tech Question On Your Fuel Pump

Mountain View Automotive Tech Question: I was driving on a local Thornton road and my vehicle started sputtering and stalled. And then the engine finally quit, and I couldn’t get it started. I was towed to a shop in Thornton and found out I had to replace my fuel pump. What could I have done…
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How high altitudes effect your car

A Few “Key” Facts (Ignition Key Issues)

You expect your key to turn in your vehicle’s ignition.  But sometimes it won’t, and that’s a problem, whether you’re trying to start your vehicle or trying to leave it. Several things can cause this.  One of the most common is that the steering column locking mechanism is stuck.  Locking steering columns are an anti-theft…
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