Month: January 2020

Winter driving safety checks

Winter Checklist (Things to Watch Out for in Winter)

No doubt about it, winter driving in cold climates presents challenges that warmer weather doesn’t.  So here are a few things to pay attention to when it comes to your vehicle and winter. Coolant levels. We think of coolant as anti-freeze in winter, but what that liquid in the radiator does is cool down your…
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safe driving at night

How to Save Gas in Thornton

High Colorado gas prices have hit most of our budgets here in Thornton. If increased fuel costs are consuming a bigger portion of your budget, you may be tempted to skimp in some other areas – like scheduled maintenance. According to Colorado news reports and industry studies, you’re not alone. Nine out of ten personal…
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Mountain View Automotive ship exterior

Fuel Pump

Help your fuel pump last longer. One pump killer is contamination in the fuel tank. Sometimes this comes from the fuel itself. Buying fuel at a reputable Thornton station will help make sure you are putting clean fuel into the tank. Older vehicles tend to have more sediment in the tank from years of rust…
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