Month: December 2019

Belts and hose repair in Thornton colorado

Serpentine Belt

You know that long belt that snakes around the front of your engine? It’s called the serpentine belt. The serpentine belt is driven by the engine as it turns. It powers your alternator, air conditioning compressor and power steering pump. On some vehicles it also runs the water pump, radiator fan and power brakes. Sounds…
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Have your tires checked at Mountain View Automotive

Mountain View Automotive Tips: Axles

The axle assemblies in your vehicle transfer power out to the drive wheels.  On a rear-wheel drive vehicle, there is an axle shaft that goes from the differential in the center of the axle to each rear wheel.  On a front-wheel drive vehicle, the axle shafts go from the transmission to each front-wheel.  All-wheel drive…
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Acura repair in Thornton, CO

Show Me the Door (Vehicle Door Issues)

Of all the parts of a vehicle we take for granted, the doors must be near the top of the list.  We open them to get in, lock them, and use the rear child locks to keep the kids safe.  But what in the world happens when you can’t open or close one or more…
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New brake pads installed by Mountain View Automotive

Power Brakes

Basically, the power brake system helps you provide braking power so that you don’t have to do all the work with your brake pedal. The brakes themselves are applied at the wheel using hydraulic pressure. When we step on the brake pedal, we create pressure in the power booster that’s multiplied by vacuum from the…
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Car safety systems repair

Airbags in Thornton

After they’ve had an accident, some people wonder why their airbags didn’t go off.  Movies and television lead us to believe that airbags go off with the slightest bump.  The reality is much more complicated.  First, airbags come out with great force and speed.  Now getting hit in the face with an airbag is way…
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Alternator Replacement at Mountain View Automotive

Many Thornton drivers have probably noticed a bunch of warning lights on their dash when they start their engine. They flash on to test the circuits and then go off if everything’s OK. One of the warning lights looks like a car battery. Its job is to tell you if your vehicle battery’s not charging…
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My truck needs a tuneup

Time To Take Another Look at Diesel Vehicles

Let’s debunk some of the myths about diesel powered vehicles. Diesel Burns Dirty This was true years ago. Since 2006, however, U.S. diesel vehicles have been required by law to use ultra-low-sulfur diesel or USLD. Modern diesels are soot-free and have a smaller carbon footprint. Diesels Are Sluggish Not any more. They are as fast…
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