Month: November 2019

Air tire pressure warning repair by Mountain View Automotive

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

All new cars and light trucks in Thornton, Colorado, since 2008 have come equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system, or ‘TPMS’. The TPMS system detects when a tire becomes under-inflated and lights up a warning light on the dash. So, what’s the big deal for Thornton drivers? Well, under inflated tires can be a…
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Need a flat tire fixed

Nailed It! (Tire Repairs)

We’ve all been there.  You park somewhere only to return and find one of your tires is flat; you’ve picked up a nail on the road.  You’re hoping you can just have it patched and be on your way.  That beats the cost of replacing the tire, but will that patch hold up for the…
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Winter Emergency kit for your car

Emergency Shopping (Vehicle Emergency Items)

“Emergency Shopping” is not to be confused with a “Shopping Emergency.”  This one is encouraging you to go shopping for a few items that could help you out if you ever have an emergency in your vehicle.  They’re all things carried in emergency vehicles. This goes beyond the old standards like a first aid kit,…
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Regular car maintenance to keep your car safe

5 Tips for Buying Used in Thornton

Here are 5 tips from MOUNTAIN VIEW AUTOMOTIVE for used car buyers: Ask for service records. Most owners who document regular maintenance service take care of their vehicle. Inspect the vehicle thoroughly. Check for uneven tire wear, alignment, suspension issues, strange sounds and funky odors. If everything checks out up to this point, take it…
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Brake repair by Mountain View Automotive

Suspension Wear

Your suspension system keeps your car up off the road. From there, it’s responsible for a smooth and comfortable ride around Thornton, Colorado. It also keeps your wheels firmly planted over bumps and through curves. Your suspension system has many critical parts that do a big job. They should be inspected for damage and excessive…
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